I’ve been finding myself wanting to travel more and more as the past 3 years have gone by. I’ve been on holidays both abroad and local but I want to travel. I want to pack up as much as I can carry in my backpack and jet off around the world for a year. I want to explore foreign lands, discover new languages, experience new cultures and I want to do it soon.

My sister always wanted to do a gap year in Australia. She wanted to see the Sydney Harbour Bridge and snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef. She kept putting it off and off, too afraid to pack up and leave and now at 27 years old, she’s still at home and hasn’t been on holiday without our parents. In all honesty, I am scared to end up like her. I want to go on adventures, I want to have pictures to look back at, to share memories of the exploring I have done and I don’t want to put it off. 

I dream of the Great Wall of China, of Machu Picchu, of Disney World in Florida. I want to eat churros in Spain, have tacos in Mexico and buy Uggs in Australia. I want to walk under a waterfall, ride a Tuk Tuk in Asia and buy a Russian doll. I want souvenirs, photographs, postcards and ticket stumps. I want scrapbooks of memories to pull out in the future. I want to look back at my life and now that I did everything that I ever dreamed of. 


And I can’t. At least not yet. I don’t have the money.


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