Technology Central

Everyone in today’s society is obsessed with technology, so much so that it’s starting to hinder our relationships, and it really annoys me!

On train journeys, people sit and stair at their phones for an hour and a half, not typing, just scrolling through what I presume will be social media sites. Last year, I was one of those people. This year I made myself a promise to release myself back into the social world, the world of the living and I am getting their.

Instead of spending my time sitting on Facebook or Twitter, I use journeys to do uni work or read. I now phone people rather than text. Yes, I still look at Facebook and Twitter and I still play games but I don’t sit on my phone when with people. I’d rather speak and be social.

All technology has created an anti-social society. Families sit down to dinner and a tv show rather than a catch up. We phone people rather than go to them. We are a nation of car users for a trip that would take 15 minutes to walk.

It’s getting ridiculous and I am boycotting it. Put down your phones at dinner, chat about your day. Get off your laptop for a half hour and take a walk with a loved one. Walk to visit your mother or your granny instead of phoning. Be a social being, it’s what we were.designed for!


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