Uni is not for everyone!

It bothers me how much pressure modern British society puts onto youngsters to attend university. Going to university is not for everyone and it’s not the be all and end all.

I felt pressured by my family and my school to apply for university when I was in my final year of High School. I believed it was the natural next step so didn’t question my motives for going and whether I wanted to go.

I enjoyed my first year at university. It’s exciting, you meet new people, you learn new things; you become a new version of yourself. However, it quickly wore off for me. I have a love hate relationship with university. I’m a good student, but I don’t enjoy it any more. Coursework and exam periods make me want to cry on a daily basis. The thought of my dissertation next year on top of my normal workload fills me with fear. University is not easy and it’s not something you should take as an easy decision.

University is not for everyone and not going doesn’t mean that you’ve damaged your future in any way, shape or form. I admire those who chose to get full time jobs upon leaving school; my boyfriend didn’t attend university and at 21 years old, he’s the assistant manager of a very busy retailer.

University is a great tool, if you know what you want to do. In reality, your degree is not going to get you a job immediately unless it’s a practical degree e.g. Medicine or nursing. Myself and my group of friends will have a wide variety of degrees under our belts, but only one of us will have a set path. We do criminology, nursing, theology, biology, social work, English literature, physics, interior design and photography. We still have no clue what to do when we graduate, we have don’t want to think about jobs.

In reality, I would rather be working full time, going home to my own flat. I’ve not wasted my time at uni but I don’t think it’s benefited me greatly for my future employment. I should have considered my options more carefully before applying to university.

Think about what you want to do with your future and consider all your options. Sometimes, experience is more desirable than education. Sometimes university isn’t all its cracked up to be


3 thoughts on “Uni is not for everyone!

  1. DrMahaBroum says:

    I am a professional educator, and am very sorry to see the state of education these days. I enjoyed my studies and until now, after holding my Ph.D. for many years I still enjoy learning. Education now has turned into business and instead of letting teachers teach and students learn, the focus is heavily on assessment because governments want numbers, statistics and documentation to prove good work (for them it is marks on tests) is being done. Students entering university now are paying high fees, graduating with big loans and not finding a job, and at the same time not enjoying what they learn. For those students I suggest going into a short vocational or college course that they like, save money and start work earlier.

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    • photographsmakememories says:

      I live and go to uni in Scotland so fortunately I don’t have to pay tuition fees. However, due to student loans, I will still have £18000 to pay back once I leave! It’s crazy, and after 3 years with one still to go, I’m wondering if it’s worth all the money!


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