Call Me Old Fashioned

Call me old fashioned but I imagined my early twenties as the time I spent travelling the world and finding a job, living in a shoddy flat and going out partying with friends.

I’m not even twentyone yet and as I am still in uni and denying that I shall ever have to grow up and get a “real” job, my schoolfriends appear to be popping out second babies, looking at mortgages and planning weddings!

I understand that not everyone will share my point of view and that some people actually want to have children so early in their lives but I don’t understand it. I currently hace two holidays to look forward to between now and June with another in the works. I intend to learn to drive over the summer holidays and to maybe save for a cheapy car.

I have bills to pay yes, and I have to make myself dinner every night of the week but I struggle to stay awake until 11 during the week. I cannot imagine looking after one child let alone two at this stage of my life. By all means, get engaged, but save the wedding until you can afford to have the wedding you’ve always wanted. Don’t compromise because you’re young!

For me, twenty is too young to be having children, you’ve barely left childhood yourself. Your twenties should be about having fun and making mistakes, not being tied down to a house with two children! Take your time growing up, you only get one shot at being young and you’ve got plenty of years to be old and responsible ahead of you!


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