My Top 10 Influential Books

Okay, so this tag is actually a YouTube tag, however, I’ve been thinking about doing it on my blog, purely as a challenge for myself. I’ve taken a lot of time to think about this and I will admit, it’s quite hard. So here it goes:

1. Double Act – Jacqueline Wilson

Or all of Jacqueline Wilson’s books in all honesty. My love of reading comes down to my addiction to her writing when I was younger, however, this was the first book of Wilson’s that I ever read. Up until the age of about 14, I was the proud owner of (and still do own) all of her books, however, I grew out of reading her wonderful stories. I shall go back and reread them all, just for nostalgia’s sake (probably when I move into my own flat and have a clear out at home). I will admit, it’s still very much a dream of mine to meet Jacqueline Wilson and to get her to sign one of my copies of her books!

2. Harry Potter (the whole series)

I love the whole series, however, for me, the first four books helped to cement reading as my passion. I’ve wonderfully happy memories of my Dad reading the Harry Potter books to me when I was a little girl, right down to the voice he gave to Hagrid and without Dad reading me these, I don’t think I’d see reading in such a happy light. I really need to re-read these at some point soon!

3. Forever Sam – Jenny Dale

This was the book that taught me that it’s okay to cry at books. Mum and I read this together and both of us were in tears as we read it. It’s the first book I ever read that was in anyway sad or dealt with death and it will always hold a special place in my heart because of that.

4. Nineteen Minutes – Jodi Picoult

This was the very first adult book that I read, although I wasn’t very old at the time of reading. It got me hooked on Jodi Picoult books who is still one of my favourite authors. Whenever I get into a reading slump, I will turn to Jodi’s writing to get me out of it!

5. The Hunger Games (The Trilogy)

The trilogy got me back into reading in a big way in my final years of high school, and it encouraged me to delve into the young adult genre. I love the young adult genre, it’s become almost exclusively all that I read; vampires, wizards, romance. Anything young adult and I shall love it.

6. A Stolen Life – Jaycee Lee Dugard

I’ve always been interesting crime, and the kidnapping of Jaycee Lee Dugard was something that I’d been told about as a story about the dangers of bad people in the world. This is the first and only account of a true crime I’ve ever read, and it’s such a terrific and horrifying read. It’s responsible for me staying on my criminology course, and it’s a book that I turn to when I need courage or inspiration. Jaycee Lee Dugard is, to me, the strongest woman in the world, and if she can remain positive after her horrific experience, then I am certain that I can remain positive about my life.

7. A Short History of Nearly Everything – Bill Bryson

This book taught me so much, and it’s knowledge that I’ve used daily since. It opened my eyes to the world and to science in a way that school never did. It made me more aware of the beauty in everything around us and it made me realise that learning can be interesting, even when it’s a subject you don’t normally like.

8. A Brave New World – Aldous Huxley

A Brave New World was the first classic book that I devoured easily and it sparked an interest within me to read more of the influential books of the past. It is also one of the few books that I’ve sat and cried at well after putting it down. It’s truly one of the best books I’ve ever read and it’s also one of my most read books.

9. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society – Mary Ann Shaffer

This was the first book I was ever told by a friend that I must read. So I did, and I loved it. It’s made me realise that friends can introduce you to books, genres and worlds you knew nothing about and can open your eyes to them. Prior to this book, I believed that I knew what books I would and wouldn’t like, however, the recommendation of this book opened up my opinion about the genres and books that I truly like. There’s not many books in the world I would now say no to reading.

10. On the Road to Mr Right – Belinda Jones

This book was influential for me for two very different reasons. 1. It introduced me to the light and fluffy chick lit category and 2. because it instated within me a passion for travelling and to see the world. On the Road to Mr Right made me realise that there’s more to life than where you live, and whilst I already knew that, it never occurred to me that your best friend could be from the opposite side of the world and you’d never know. Or that your next home could be in Italy, Argentina or even China. You don’t know these things until you go and see for yourself.

So they’re my top 10 most influential books. All of them are special to me for different reasons and there is a huge variety of genres, themes and ages and I must admit I like that. What are you’re most influential books?




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