My April Reads

Okay, so this post is early and it’s going to short as I’ve only read one book this month. I’ve been swept up by exam revision and now coursework writing so my reading pace has suffered. However, next month should be better and June should see my reading back into full swing!

So book 26 in my 1,000 book challenge is….!

26. And Another Thing – Jeremy Clarkson

This was my second Jeremy Clarkson read and as with the first book in the series, I loved this book. I respect Clarkson for his honesty and for him expressing his opinions whether they are controversial or not, there is something to be admired about that. Despite the age of the book, many of the issues he talks about are still relevant and very much relatable. My status as a Jeremy Clarkson fan has been solidified by this book!

Okay, so besides not reading very much this month, I’ve had a relatively good book buying/receiving month! I’ve bought 3 books myself and I’ve received one from my parents. I bought myself Panic by Lauren Oliver, Pride Over Pity by Kailyn Lowry and my first ever graphic novel, Lighter Than My Shadow by Katie Green. My parents have been on holiday in Spain and they returned home yesterday with the Spanish edition of A Fault in Our Stars for my to read (as well as some Spanish papers to read too). So all in all, an excellent month!


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