The Controversial Kindle

I was a sceptic of the Kindle when it was first released; they were the evil that would rid the world of physical books and for that reason, I didn’t want one. However, for my 19th birthday (a year and a half ago) my parents bought me a Kindle and to be nice I downloaded some books to read in front of them. 

I am a convert!

I love my Kindle and I don’t know what I would do without it in my life. I always thought that Kindles were for those who wanted to read trashy books without others knowing and to me, that wasn’t right. I know see that there is a perfect balance to be had for e-books and physical books and I have found that balance. E-books are cheaper, which is always going to be a plus when you’re a poor uni student, but there’s always the enchantment of opening a new book especially if it’s a hardback book. I’ve found the balance and I shall never have to settle for one or the other (although I will always have a full series in one format due to OCD) but can open both with welcome arms into my library. 

Plus, is it not better for someone to be reading on a Kindle than not reading at all? I’ve recently gotten into watching Booktubers on Youtube and they’ve opened my eyes to books I would never have considered otherwise. I feel like I’m behind the game on everything bookish (including a lot of popular series) and I’ve got a lot of catching up to do this summer! Bring on a summer of reading (after my last exam). On a side note, I’ve gone book crazy this month, both buying and reading…woops!


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