A Dream Come True

Many years ago, I made a bucketlist of all the things I want to achieve in my life and I’ve been adding to it at a greater rate than I can complete challenges. However, I’m taking a stand and I am determined to start making a dent in the list. You never know when your last moment is going to be and I don’t believe you should put off doing the things you dream about because of this.

Last weekend, I crossed off number two of my bucketlist. I went to a Moto GP race and I loved it! The atmosphere was amazing, the weather was great, but above all, the racing was superb.


I got to see my favourite rider win his home race and I can proudly say that I’ve seen the best motorcyclists in the world competing. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years, and to be able to say that I’ve done it gives me a great sense of achievement.

I’m going to work on completing my bucketlist items and I shall report my progress as I go. Some are small things, like learning to swim, some are expensive (snorkel in the great barrier reef) and some will take years to complete (my 1000 book challenge), but I aim to at least get two crossed off my list by the end of the year and be saving up for a big one! 


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