I’d Like To Take A Second..

to talk about how awesome graphic novels are and to ask why I’ve not made this discovery sooner. I finished Maus by Art Spiegelman yesterday and I could not recommend it highly enough to everyone. More graphic novels will be bought soon, I think the Saga series is next on the purchasing agenda, however, if anyone has any recommendations to a newby then feel free to send them my way. 

I think graphic novels are completely underrated amongst book lovers, it’s not a genre that I had previously considered trying out until I saw a couple of Booktubers raving about some graphic novels recently. I think that the problem lies in the thought that books should not have pictures in them, picture books are for children and so many adults and young adults shun the genre entirely due to this. 

I, on the otherhand encourage everyone reading this to order themselves a graphic novel, be it Maus or X-men, Saga or Spiderman. Try out the genre, what’s the worst that happens? You don’t like it? Give it to a charity shop and let it be a pre-loved book for someone who wants to read it. 


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