On Second Hand Books

At the beginning of the week, I strolled into the second hand book shop next to my work and I came out with 5 books. These books are new to me, but pre-loved by someone else. The spines are broken, the pages are tattered but does that really matter?

I’ve noticed that people in general seem to stigmatise second hand books, well everything second hand. And whilst I personal have no problem admitting that I buy second hand books, I recieved some comments about them.

By buying those second hand books, I’ve not only saved myself quite a bit of money, I gave five pounds to charity. And I don’t see what the problem with this is. I don’t know many people who give to charity on a regular basis, and if the money I spend goes towards helping someone else, then surely this is a win win situation? I get books, someone else gets help.

And I got 5 books for £4.50, such a good bargain!


3 thoughts on “On Second Hand Books

  1. Sam says:

    I don’t pay full price for books as a general rule. The main exception is if I’m at an author event.
    I buy almost all my books on clearance or second hand. I like that someone else has already looked at the pages and maybe felt the same way I do. I write my name in my books when I read them so that if I ever give them away, the recipient will know who had it before them.


    • photographsmakememories says:

      I’m half and half. I buy the majority of my books online so don’t usually pay full price, some come second hand from charity shops but that’s mainly when.I’m away at uni, and there are a few authors that I will always buy brand new in hardback, Jodi Picoult for example. I love the idea of writing your name in them so that people know who’s read it before!


      • Sam says:

        Someone told me she writes the date they read the book in the front, too. For books she keeps, it helps them remember what was going on in their lives when they read it. For books she gives away, it tells the next reader when it was first loved.

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