Young Adult

I am a huge, self-proclaimed Young Adult book lover. The books are so easy to read, captivating and in my opinion a lot more inventive and exciting than the adult equivalent. However, a lot of people receive a lot of grief for reading young adult books when entering their adult life and I cannot see why.

There are many young adult series and single books that have captured the eye of the public and have become obsessed over. The first and most obvious example I can think of is the Harry Potter series. I was relatively young when the books came out, but when they started to attract media attention, I begged my Dad to read them to me at night time and he loved them almost as much I, if not more so. But people felt so ashamed about reading the Harry Potter series as adults that they republished the series with adult covers. And I don’t understand why? Why should these adults feel ashamed about reading a book about wizards and witches? I would happily read my tattered and broken Harry Potter book on the bus or train as a 20 odd year old, and this should be no different for others.

I told my Dad about how awesome The Hunger Games was when I first read the book as an 18 year old girl. My dad, as a 50 year old man loved the series as much as I did. As soon as I finished one book, he started it. We have had many a great discussion about the series, and both of us have gone on to recommend the series to a variety of ages. My mum however found my Dad reading a book for teenagers and young adults to be strange, especially as he loved the books so much. My sister, a woman in her late 20s also read and loved the Hunger Games, Twilight and Harry Potter.

So why is there so much stigma surrounding adults reading “children’s” books? I personally don’t think I will ever understand. I also don’t see myself ever feeling embarrassed about reading a young adult book on public transport or in a public place. The majority of the books I read are categorised as young adult and I can’t see that changing any time soon. I would never rule out a book for it’s genre, so why should anyone rule out young adult as a genre just because of their age? It makes very little sense to me!


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