My Fail of an August

Okay, so I am not entirely sure what happened to August but I seemed to blink and the month was gone. I barely read anything but what I did read, I loved and I will make an excuse for my lack of reading. I am currently trying to wade my way through A Game of Thrones which is taking me longer than I thought it would! Anyway, I still managed to read two book throughout the month and make it half way through A Game of Thrones, so that’s at least something!

1. The Silver Linings Playbook – Matthew Quick

I utterly adored this book when I read it. It had me hook, line and sinker in love with it from about the tenth page! I could not put it down and it became almost all I thought about. I was so surprised to discover that only one of my friends on Goodreads, including a few of the Booktubers, has read this book and I cannot for the life of me work out why this is.

The Silver Linings Playbook follows Pat upon his release from a mental health facility as he tries to get back on his feet after an incident. All Pat is focused on is ending his legally enforced “apart time” from his wife Nicky. You follow Pat’s life day by day as he fights for his Dad’s attention, becomes best friends with Tiffany and tries to better himself for his wife. The Silver Linings Playbook is highly addictive and you will have it read in a matter of days; it’s the sort of book you don’t mind staying up until 3 in the morning to try to finish. It’s truly wonderful! 4 out of 5 stars.

2. Between Shades of Grey – Ruta Sepetys

I bought this book from a charity shop for 90 pence on a whim after hearing about the book on a BookTuber’s YouTube sight. I had no intention of buying the book new but when I saw it so cheap, I figured that at worst, I’d only lost 90p. But boy am I glad that I picked this up! Towards the middle of A Game of Thrones, I wanted a break and picked this up from my bookshelf as it’s short and also because I absolutely love historical fiction.

Between Shades of Grey follows Lina, her brother and her mother as they are taken from Lithuania by the Soviet Police and deported and imprisoned in a soviet work camp. This beautifully written book highlights the strength of human kindness and the cruelty that some human beings and some human societies possess. However, whilst the book focuses on a dark and twisted part of human history, I think the author does brilliantly to convey the human spirit and all that people are willing to endure for the hope of seeing their loved ones in the end. This book is both sad (I certainly shed a few tears) and enlightening as you realise how strong people are and how a situation can make strangers into a family.

I absolutely adored this book; it’s not only one of my favourites of my reading year, but also one of my favourite books ever. I cannot recommend it enough to everyone!


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