The Independence Referendum

I have, for the most part, kept my opinions about the referendum off of Facebook and unknown to the majority of my friends. I am all for a healthy debate about politics and I love how interested this has gotten the nation about politics, however, both parties have been guilty of jumping down the others throat for having the opposite opinion and starting snagging matches.

Politics is about debate, yes, but there should be a point in time where those involved in the discussion should be able to say “you have a different opinion to me and I respect that”. That has not been the case and both parties are guilty of it. I have seen numerous personal attacks on Facebook because people have the opposite opinion with friends falling out. I can see the benefits to staying with the UK and I can see the appeal of going independent, you can vote a different way to me and that’s perfectly fine. Democracy is about debate and challenging the opinions of others but at the end of the day we’ve all got to live with decision.

I voted last week with a postal vote, so I’ve already done my bit and I would not change my decision if I were to be voting tomorrow in person. I shall not justify my reasons as to my vote because they’re personal to myself and I’ve voted the way that suits the future that I want for myself and for any children I might have in the future. Vote the way you want to, don’t vote at all if you wish because at the end of the day you’ve had your say and you have to accept the results whether they swing in your favour or not.

Just remember that once the vote is in, don’t hold grudges against the losing side. Once the results are in we are one nation no matter what way it swings, it won’t matter which way you voted because that will be the end of it.


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