A Little Bit of Insight

I don’t want this to turn into a rant, but I fear that it may well. However, I still want to get this off my chest as it’s been playing on my mind since I started doing my dissertation research.

It is not acceptable for women to domestically abuse men in today’s society. It never shall be, women have no right to use violence against their partners in the same way that a men should never use violence against a woman. However, it appears that women (and men) believe that women physically and emotionally abusing their partners is an acceptable form of control within a relationship.

Kelly Brook publicly attempted to justify her abuse of Jason Statham and Dani Cipriani using the words: “These are big men I’m going out with – I mean look at me – I’m not going to do them any damage!”. Why on earth would this be considered to be a good excuse? How can that possible justify getting so angry and lashing out at them? Wouldn’t her approach mean the children can hit adults as they’re bigger than them?

In our society, we teach children that it is wrong to use violence. However when it comes to the domestic abuse of men, we ignore the problem completely. I’m doing my dissertation on the gender bias of domestic violence reporting and I can tell you for a fact how big an issue it is. There two charities available for men to turn to when being subject to domestic abuse, and one of those is specifically for homosexuals, bisexual and transgendered victims. Male victims of domestic violence are ignored throughout the media within modern day Britain and I for one, think that this needs to change.

Abuse is not acceptable not matter who it is against, so why do we ignore it when it’s men who are the victims? So much has been done to draw awareness to domestic violence since it’s classification as a crime, but very little of that effort has been spent on helping the male experience. Something needs to change here.


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