Larger Than Life – Jodi Picoult

It’s no secret that I am a huge Jodi Picoult fan, so it’s understandable that I am incredibly excited about the upcoming release of her new novel, Leaving Time. So you can understand my excitement when she revealed that she was releasing not one short story, but two short stories in the run up to the publication of her newest book. I jumped at the chance to download both books for free onto my kindle (I know, I’m a traitor to the book world!)

Larger than Life follows Alice as she researches elephants memories in Africa and the bond she shares with the orphaned elephant she rescued. The novella is complete with Jodi Picoult’s signature flashbacks which illustrate the relationship Alice held with her mother growing up and how she ended up in Africa researching the memories of elephants.

For a novella that is less than 100 kindle pages, this story will have you engrossed, entertained and leave you wanting more. I cannot wait for Leaving Time to be published (I already have it pre-ordered) and I shall be going to see Jodi Picoult talk about her newest book prior to it’s UK release and the consequent book signing that is happening in Dundee!


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