You’re The One That I Want – Giovanna Fletcher

After reading Billy and Me by Giovanna, I was a bit reluctant to pick up You’re The One That I Want. However, my sister loved this book and encouraged me to give it a go, so because I am a huge fan of Giovanna (I can call her that because she’s my friend on Goodreads) I thought there was no harm in giving it a go. By 10 pages into the book, I was hooked and by the end, I wanted more.

You’re The One That I Want follows three best friends; Maddy, Ben and Robert from their school days and through university and into their twenties as they experience the highs and lows of what life has to offer. The story begins as Maddy is walking down the aisle on her wedding day towards Robert, but willing Ben to speak up so they can run away together, before shooting back in time to the moment that Ben fell in love with Maddy when she walked through their classroom door on her first day at their school. Cue relationship drama, a love triangle and friendship complicating it all, and this book will have you hooked in a matter of pages.

I loved this book, it was a quick paced, easy to pick up but almost impossible to put down, guilty pleasure for me. It is the perfect light and fluffy book for in between more serious or dense books, and it is a perfect romance story for all the chick lit lovers, like myself, out there in the book world!


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