Dear Self…

….I understand you’re busy at uni but please if you take one piece of advice, let it be this one – do not forget about your hobbies in the process of your education and employment. Remember that it’s important to take breaks and have days off, to care about your yourself physically and mentally. Remember that being around loved ones (both family and friends) is almost more important than that uni degree or promotion.

Remember one day that you’ll look back on what you’ve achieved and compare it against all the opportunities you’ve missed. You’ll look back in awe at the photos you took, but smile sadly at the friends that you lost touch with. Remember now that the stress is just temporary and that getting that A is just a small importance of life, not what makes you you.

Pick up that book, book that holiday, spend the day watching crap TV with your family and laughing. Swim in the sea with your boyfriend, curl up beside the fire, cycle until you want to throw up. Remember that the memories will be stories to tell of the great times and the bad, that the missed opportunity will become lessons you pass on.

Show everyone what they mean you and there importance on your life. Get drunk with you girlfriends and dance the night away. Spend the time talking and laughing about the past over some cake and wine.

Just remember that time passes quickly so make the most of it, for one day you’ll turn around and life will have passed you by. Years pass by quickly enough but they keep speeding up. Three years have passed since you left school already, how crazy is that?

The little things make memories so celebrate every one. And remember to stop and smell the roses every once in a while. You get so caught up in life that sometimes it passes you by, but you’re getting better at remembering and stopping to take part.

If you remember one thing in life, please let it be this.

All my love and happiness,
Me xoxo


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