Jodi Picoult in Dundee

Last night, I had the privilege of attending a book reading and question answering session with Jodi Picoult following the release of her new novel “Leaving Time“. I’ve never been to a book event in my life, and this was definitely the place to start.

Jodi Picoult is not only a brilliant writer, she is an intelligent and humble individual who seems to genuinely enjoy talking to her fans and talking about her books. She explained where the inspiration for Leaving Time came from, made an emotional and passionate speech about how important saving elephants is for everyone and made everyone laugh. Jodi explained how research for her book is carried out, about how she and her daughter Samantha came about writing Between the Lines and told us about the process of selecting voices for audio books.

She finished the night signing copies of not only her new release but also of favourite books of hers, whilst her husband took photos of her fans and herself. I walked away from the even with even more admiration for not only Jodi but all authors, as writers deserve more credit than they ever get!


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