The Eldery – A Perspective

I’m one for not usually believing the stereotypes surrounding groups within society. I’ll give anyone a chance and I will not like someone because of who they are personally, not because of their skin colour, sexuality or the way they dress. I understand that there will always be scapegoat groups that will be associated with moral panics, such as hoodies and more currently Muslims, but I don’t understand why the elderly have been left out of these stereotypes.

The elderly, to me, either seem to be lovely and adorable little old people or completely rude and a-law-unto-themselves, much the same as teenagers tend to be. But this seems to be completely acceptable because we’re taught as a society to respect our elders, but I disagree, why should they be given exception because they’ve been alive for longer? Surely this mean they should know better?

Holding the door open for the elderly, in my experience, gets you a ‘thank you’ on fewer occasions than if you hold the door open for school children. Whilst in town today, a granny rammed a buggy into the back of my legs for no reason as we were queuing and didn’t apologise. An elderly couple tried to skip a queue of four people in the bank and then proceeded to deny it and argue with the cashier when she refused to serve them before everyone else. And to top it all off, an elderly man stood at the traffic lights blowing cigarette smoke into the faces of a class of nursery children being taken for a walk.

Correct me if I am wrong, but if it were anyone else bar the elderly doing these things, something would have been said. But no, all of us stood by and said nothing as the elderly couple cut in the queue. I didn’t demand an apology off the woman who rammed me and the nursery teachers said nothing as the man blew disgusting fumes into the faces of 4 year olds. Why? Because we’re taught that the elderly are not a group who are a threat to us, so why would we challenge them on things so trivial?

Next time, the woman will apologise to me for ramming me!


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