November Reads – 2014

I have recently made a pledge to myself that I shall turn this shambles of a blog into a good book blog and I will start to increase the amount of reviews I do in the process. Besides from monthly round ups recently, I have been doing appallingly on the blogging front and this is set to change!

November has not been a terrible reading month for me, I am happy with what I read and I loved them all which is not unusual. I’ve been attempting to branch out a little from my usual historical fiction, young adult and easy to read contemporaries with at least a little success. Here’s what I read over November.

1,000 Book Challenge.

49. Fracture Me – Tahereh Mafi

Fracture Me is, in effect, book 2.5 of the Shatter Me trilogy by Tahereh Mafi. Written from Adam’s point of view, you get a new insight into the character and a new perspective on the story told in Unravel Me (book two of the trilogy). This novella is not as good as the main novels of the trilogy, however, it’s interesting to see the story through another character’s eyes.

I won’t go into depth as it will ruin the trilogy for those who have not read it. The Shatter Me trilogy centres around the story Juliette, who was imprisoned as a teenager when she killed with her touch. As a prisoner, and after years of solitary confinement, the ruling Government plan to use Juliette as a weapon in war.

3/5 stars.

50. Legends of the Tour – Jan Cleijne

Legends of the Tour is one of the most beautiful graphic novels in existence. The artwork in the book is absolutely stunning and I would highly recommend that everyone goes and stares at a copy of the book for a while.

Legends of the Tour is a beautiful graphic novel which tells the history of the Tour de France in the most beautiful illustrations. I am not a fan of the Tour de France but I would highly recommend reading this book to anyone who loves road cycling or appreciates art. A fantastic way to spend an evening and a book you will reread multiple times due to the art.

5/5 stars.

51. Leaving Time – Jodi Picoult

Once again, Jodi Picoult has not disappointed her fans with this amazing book. Centred around a daughter trying to find her mother who disappeared when she was little, this book tells the amazing stories of elephants, love and grief. Told from the perspectives of Jenna (the daughter), Serenity (a washed up psychic), Virgil (an alcoholic policeman) and flashback to Alice’s life before Jenna, you will never see the usual Jodi twist coming.

5/5 stars.

Hopefully once exams are over and coursework has been handed in, I shall be able to get a load of reading in over the Christmas break! I cannot wait for a holiday


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