We Were Liars – E. Lockhart

I went into this book without much knowledge of what the book is about but aware of the hype surrounding the young adult novel, which I think was a good thing in this case. In, all honesty, I bought the kindle version of this book for two reasons; 1. it was on offer for 99p and 2. I had heard scathing reviews on Booktube about it, and from time to time, I like a controversial read.

I enjoyed We Were Liars more than I was expecting too, and a lot more in the second half than I had the first half. The characters were shallow and annoying rich teenagers but I think that was part of the charm. And although the young adult aspect of the book was predictably angsty, however I didn’t see the plot twist coming.

It’s not a book I would go out of my way to recommend, but I found We Were Liars to be a quick and easy read. On the other hand, I had no attachment to the characters, I found the writing to be average at best and I wasn’t left wanting more of the story. The premise behind the story could be greatly improved by better writing.

3 out of 5 stars.


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