Jurassic Park – Michael Crichton

Usually once I’ve finished a book, my mind is bombarding me with questions about what happened, what might happen next and so on, however after reading Jurassic Park, I only had one question floating around my head: WHY HAS IT TAKEN ME SO LONG TO READ THIS BOOK!? Seriously though, I cannot rave enough about this book to explain how wonderful it was to read.

I was sucked into this story from roughly 5 pages in. I was running away from the dinosaurs, I was being pelted with rain, my heart was pounding as I hid in the kitchen from the velociraptors. Jurassic Park is perfection in a book.

Jurassic Park follows Dr Grant and a few other characters as they are invited to Mr Hammond’s elusive island which is set to become the next big theme park. Little do they all realise that Hammond has been breeding dinosaurs and there scaley animals are the main attraction on the island. Cue a storm and a typical money greedy man’s stupidity and all hell break loose as they dinosaurs escape their enclosures.

Even if you’ve seen the film, this book will have you hooked. The writing is superb, the plot is brilliant and although I didn’t connect to all of the characters, I was rooting for Grant the whole way through the story.

5 out of 5 stars and a brilliant book to start off the new year!

2015 Reading Challenge: A book at the bottom of my to be read pile


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