10 Facts about Me

I’ve been blogging for a little while now and I realised that there is very little information about myself on my blog. So I decided to make a post with 10 random and obscure facts about myself to give you a little more information about myself.

1. I didn’t wear make up until I was in 1st year at university.

2. Knitted jumpers are my absolute favourite item of clothing.

3. My dad does the best Hagrid voice EVER and that is the reason I loved the books. (He was Hagrid before the films were released and he still beats Coltraine!)

4. My hair is naturally curly…and I mean afro style curly. Very few of my friends seem to know this too.

5. Jacqueline Wilson is the reason I love books.

6. I cannot live without my Filofax, I feel lost without it in my bag at all times.

7. I have to use soap and shower gel in the shower or else I don’t feel clean.

8. Hannah Montana is my go to music when ever I go out for a run/workout..cause nobody’s perfect!

9. I am genuinely quite scared of flying but I love holidays so I suck it up.

10. I pick money up off the ground, no matter the denomination. Hey, I’m always a penny richer than the second before, right?


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