February Wrap Up and March TBR


I can’t believe that we’re already into month 3 of 2015! It’s flying past far too quickly for my liking. I finished two books in February, which I am proud of as I’ve had a lot of stuff going on at uni and I’ve made a fair dent to book number 7 of the year (I know, I didn’t blog last month, sorry!).

The Big Sleep – Raymond Chandler

I originally started The Big Sleep in November as I needed a little more insight into the origins of the hard-boiled detective for a piece of university coursework and I ended up loving it. I’m not a huge fan of crime fiction, so I found this surprisingly enjoyable.

The Big Sleep follows Phillip Marlowe, a detective who is hired to find out the culprit of blackmail against a General and his family.Chandler portrays crime as inevitable due to the corruption of society in such an incredible manner. Marlowe is a gritty loner, battling his way through life and such a relatable and loveable character.

I loved this book, the only fault I had was that I took a break from reading it over Christmas and ended up a little lost with the storyline. 4 out of 5 stars.

Daughter – Jane Shemilt

I bought this book on Kindle when it was on offer on Amazon but I had wanted it since I first saw it in the shops and I must admit, I was so disappointed in Daughter.

Daughter follows the mother of a missing teenager, told in present time and in flashbacks to the days before and after her daughter went missing. I found the characters annoying and for me, the plot could have been developed in a much better manner. I liked the use of the flashbacks as this added a depth to the novel that would have been lacking if written in any other format, but overall, the book wasn’t the greatest thriller I’ve ever read. I’d recommend a fair few over this one to anyone. 3 out of 5 stars.

In March, I aim to complete I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith, which I am thoroughly enjoying and I shall hopefully also make my way through The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemmingway. I’m in a bit of a classic book mood at the moment so I’m going to run with the feeling as I think it’s important to read a wide variety of books across your lifetime and I usually aim to read at least 3 classics every year.

Let me know what you think about the books I’ve read and what you’re aiming to read in March as I’m always looking for recommendations!


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