Healthy Body Image

Body image, until recently is never something I’ve consciously thought about. Articles keep popping up all over the place, especially on Facebook and it’s got me thinking about my opinion on body image and body issues.

I’ve always been skinny (too skinny if you ask my friends and family) and I struggled to gain weight until I was in my 20’s and I can’t say it’s ever bothered me. I grew up being told I needed to eat more, when in reality I probably ate more than the average child but it never affected me the way it does others. I never really felt self conscious about myself or my body, I am who I am and I can’t really change that nor do I want to.

I’ve recently started gaining weight, but again, it’s not really bothered me. My only issue with my body is trying to find nice bras in my size as I have small boobs, but that’s hardly a huge issue.

I’ve never really been one to spend hours in front of the mirror, poking and proding, finding bits of myself that I don’t like, but I’ve never admired skinny people, not even celebrities. Shakira has been (the closest thing to) my idol since I can remember and she’s not exactly anorexic. Dorota in Gossip Girl was my favourite character and I love Adele’s figure and dress sense.

I understand that body image is a huge deal to a lot of teens and young adults and it’s about more than fitting into a bikini on the next holiday. I believe that we should promoting healthy bodies over skinny bodies and we all know the healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes. I’ve always been skinny and unfit. Beauty blogger and vlogger Zoella has openly said the same thing in her channel numerous times and it’s not something people should be aiming for. We see skinny models on the run way and photoshopped magazines and I agree this should stop. We should be promoting those who look after themselves and have natural beauty without the aid of a computer.

Health and happiness are much more important than being skinny, and believe me, if you’re not happy with your body now, your feelings won’t change if you’re a size 8. Weight won’t make us love ourselves, we need to learn to do this separately. We need to find something about yourself that you love and become accepting that who you are is awesome, flaws and all. Nobody is 100% happy with how they look, but it’s all about focusing on the positive rather than the negative.

I challenge you all to think of five things you love about yourself and to write them down. Be it your lovely big buttom, your loud and proud laugh, the freckles on your face or the stretch marks that remind you that you grew a baby inside you. Comment your five things you love about yourself below and remember, it doesn’t have to be about how you look!

Five things I love about me:

1. My hair colour. I’ve met people with ginger hair, obviously, but I’ve never met anyone with the same hair colour as me. It appears to be unique and I love the odd ginger shade of my hair, it’s beautiful!

2. Reading. I love that I love reading and that I will read from all genres available. I love recommending books to people and hearing that they have loved them. It give me a thrill.

3. The colour of my lips. This may seem odd, but my lips are a rather dark purpley colour naturally and I love it. It makes me look like I’m wearing lipstick when I am not.

4. My Snort Laugh. I love that when I laugh really hard, I snort because I become so out of breath. It used to make me embarrassed but now it makes me laugh harder because I find it so funny.

5. My love of food. I love that I love food. Eating is such a good part of life and something no one should feel guilty for. Pass me a good bit of cake, make me a steak pie or let me sit with ice cream and watch a movie and I will be most content.


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