Uglies – Scott Westerfeld


I think that this is the first time since reading The Hunger Games that I have enjoyed the first installment in a young adult, dystopian series so much. I cannot believe I waited so long to get into this series, and I certainly will not be waiting long to get reading Pretties.

Uglies follows Tally as she is about to be turned Pretty. As one of the youngest in her year, Tally is left friendless in Uglyville as her friends get turned Pretty one by one, until she meets a friend who doesn’t want to turn Pretty. After her friend runs away in search for a group of rebels who have never turned Pretty, Tally is given an ultimatum: locate the rebels or never become Pretty.

I flew through the book in about 4 days which considering I was in the middle of coursework is rather incredible. The writing is excellent and will have you gripped from the beginning to the end. The romantic element of the novel was not the usual angsty romance that you experience in YA fiction, despite there being a love triangle. But above all, this book has short chapters so it’s incredibly easy to find yourself always saying “just one more chapter” and flying through the book in no time at all.

Five out of Five stars.


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