Healthy Habits

I am 100% positive that I am not the only person in the world who hates the word “diet”. It makes me think of starving yourself or entirely changing what you eat and I am beginning to realise that I don’t agree with dieting and that’s why I don’t like the word. I try hard to keep my lifestyle healthy; I have a Vivofit to count my daily steps, I try to get out for walks, runs and cycles whenever I can fit them in and I try to eat as healthily as possible.

I changed my attitude towards what I ate and how I lived during summer last year. I’m in my early 20’s and my metabolism is starting to slow down which is not a big deal, I accept it and I actually enjoyed gaining the weight as I’ve always been a little too thin for my own liking. However, I decided when this happened that I was going to change the way I eat a little at a time. Rather than cutting out all the fatty foods I like and have eaten all of my life, I’d make a conscious effort to make small but healthy changes. Instead of having a biscuit at lunch, I could replace it with an apple. I would still eat crisps but I changed to baked crisps. And for the most part (excluding holidays) I’ve stuck to it and I’ve increased all the little things so much so that they’re habits (crisps are far too greasy for my finding nowadays).

I genuinely believe that making small changes, a little at a time can contribute to big things, especially when it comes to healthy eating and weight loss. So I am introducing Healthy Habits to my blog, in which every weekend (Friday to Sunday) I shall write a little piece on what I am doing throughout the next week in order to make my life a little healthier and to inspire some of you guys to quit the fad diets and create some healthy habits of your own. And this starts right now!

This week, my healthy habits were:

1. Eat more fruit – I am rather guilty of choosing an unhealthy biscuit with my lunch where I could have an apple or a banana, so this week I aimed to increase my fruit in take by at least one portion per day. I was a little successful, although I didn’t do it everyday, I ate more apples than normal and besides a post dinner cookie yesterday, I didn’t really snack between meals!

2. Drink less tea – I am a self proclaimed tea addict and I drink far too much tea. This week I limited myself to two cups of tea a day (morning with breakfast and 3 o’clock tea break) which I admit, has been rather hard! I managed this! In fact yesterday, I only had one cup the entire day which for me normally results in a cracking headache. I shall continue doing this and hopefully get it down to an afternoon cuppa only in a couple of weeks.

My healthy habits for the week ahead are:

1. Start each day with a cup of green tea – now I’ve read a few articles which are dubious about the benefits of drinking green tea but it will still be encouraging me to not have those 2 teaspoons of sugar in my morning cuppa and it adds a little variety to my morning routine. Have you seen how many flavours of green you can get?

2. Go out for a run/cycle twice – I’ve been getting good at running and I enjoy it immensely, but recently with all of my coursework piling up and the looming dissertation deadline, my fitness has been put on the back burner but this week that is going to change! Exercise twice a week is not a huge dent into my schedule so I am sure I can manage it with ease.

Let me know what you’re planning for the next week, if you try to eat healthily or if diets haven’t worked for you! You know how much I love to hear from you guys.

Good luck and I will see you at the weekend for some more Healthy Habits!


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