Bath Time Bonanza!

For me, and a lot of other guys and gals out there, there is nothing more relaxing that having a bit of “me time”. “Me time” for me usually involves a little pamper session and a bath with my latest read and maybe a little glass of wine too. So today, after all of my dissertation stress recently, I did exactly that. Do forgive me, I didn’t have a facemask so the pampering was not fully complete but I thought I would tell you all my “me time” must haves!

Bubble Bath:

I am a sucker for a bubbly bath and I am loving Imperial Leather at the moment. The smell is amazing meaning I don’t want to get out of the bath until it’s almost cold! The one I am currently using was bought by my boyfriend and it leaves my skin so soft, it’s lovely. The only downside I have is that it’s not overly bubbly which I think is terrible. It was relatively cheap so I can’t complain and I would definitely buy it again. I really need to get my hands on a Lush bubble bar soon, I’ve never tried one!


Bath Fizz:

I don’t know if it’s normal to use both bubble bath and a bath fizz but I always use a little bit just because I can. I got these star shaped one’s as a birthday present over a year ago so I decided to give them a go and I really like them. I find that bath bombs can leave you feeling a bit oily and slippery, but I didn’t get this with these. I can’t really comment on the smell because all I could smell was the bubble bath but I am looking forward to using the remaining one and a half stars.


A Drink:

Whilst I opt for wine or an ice cold Diet Coke, I used to love having a wine glass filled with flavoured water or blackcurrant and lemonade just because it makes you feel that little more sophisticated. Plus, if you’re like me, you get ten minutes into your bath and you’re gasping for a drink and let’s be honest, getting out of the bath to go into the cold to get a drink is not what you want on a pamper night!

A Facemask:

I’ll be honest, I like to use a little more expensive products on my pamper nights, especially routine. I have specific pamper night products which are saved especially such as moisturiser and I like to use a more expensive face mask too. I unfortunately didn’t have a facemask for today as I’ve run out so need to get onto that one


Tealights, tealights, tealights! I’m not a huge fan of big candle burning when I’m in the bath so I burn about 4 tealights to set the relaxation scene in the bathroom. Partially because they don’t smell overpowering but mostly because I find them cuter!


A Good Book:

Everyone knows I love a good book, so it no surprise that a book is on my list.  Today, I ventured into the tub with my kindle for the first time ever and it was a success! I didn’t drop it in the bath! My current read is The Girl With all The Gifts by M. R Carey which I can’t say I overly enjoying.

Have anything out that you think is an essential bath time item? What is your favourite bath fizz and bubble bath, I’d love to try them out.


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