Healthy Habits – Week 2

Hello and welcome to week 2 of healthy habits!

Last week I challenge myself to drink more green tea and to increase my exercise by going out for a run or a cycle at least twice this week. I’ve not done exceptionally well on the drinking green tea front unfortunately, although I’ve not failed entirely. I’ve had green tea a couple of times this week but I believe the promise was to have a cup every morning which I certainly haven’t done. I have however kept up with my exercise challenge. I’ve actually been out for 3 cycles and my wonderful boyfriend bought me a road bike as an early 3rd anniversary present/graduation present so I’ve been testing that out and learning a new style of biking this week!


For the upcoming week, my healthy habits are:

1. Try a new vegetable: I am terrible for always eating the same things, and I very rarely branch out of my food comfort zone. However, I am going to incorporate a new vegetable into my week (it will probably end up in soup). I will be brave. Who wants to suggest me a veggie to try?

2. Go Diet Coke free: I am incredibly addicted to diet coke. I can rarely go a day without having a can  I get headaches (which in itself tells me something out my addiction to it) but this week I will have two diet coke free days. I want to start enjoying Diet Coke again as a treat, rather than an everyday thing and I will hopefully replace my one diet coke can per day with a glass of water or a healthy smoothie instead!

What do you do to try to increase your health and fitness? I’d love some new ideas to keep me progressing!


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