The Girl with All the Gifts – M.R. Carey

I bought The Girl With All The Gifts with money I received st Christmas time as I’d heard a few rave reviews about the book on BookTube and Goodreads. I’d actually been saving it for my holidays but I picked it up earlier due to all of the reviews.

The Girl with all the Gifts follows Melanie, a young girl, who is kept in a cell and let out once a day to attend school. The world has been ripped apart by disease and you soon learn that Melanie and all of her classmates have been infected, but not to the extent of the rest of the “Hungries”. The army base where the group of infected children are kept is attacked and soon there are only 4 humans, including Melanie left to find another shelter.

I thought the premise of the book sounded great, humans being destroyed by disease and the last few remaining individuals fighting against zombies for survival is exactly the sort of storyline that appeals to me. However, I was so disappointed with this book. The plot was slow to the point where I thought about giving up on finishing it, I couldn’t connect with the characters and I wasn’t sucked into the story by the writing. There were only two points where something happened and the storyline picked up: the middle and the end, although the middle soon slowed down again.

I struggled my way to the end and I will say that the ending is the best part of the book in my opinion. It was well thought out and intelligent so there is merit to be given there. Overall, The Girl with all the Gifts just wasn’t for me!

1 out of 5 stars.

Let me know what you thought of this book and if you have any zombie recommendations for me to pick up!


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