Shiney New Bike

I realised that I blog about increasing my health and fitness in my weekly health habits post so I thought I would show you guys my new bike!

My wonderful boyfriend surprised me with a new road bike last week as an early 3rd anniversary/university graduation present! I’ve only ever had a mountain bike until now, so I am incredibly excited to get out on the road bike and see how it works. I’ve been trying to save for a road bike for a while but life seems to keep getting in the way.

So here is my lovely new bike!


It may not be of the highest spec, but it’s wonderful to me and I am so thankful to boyfriend for buying me it. I’ve already done about 60 miles on it and I shall definitely be out on it constantly throughout the summer.

For those of you who haven’t been out on your bikes for ages, I encourage you to dust them off and get out for a cycle (check your bike is safe first!) because there is nothing more fun than being out in nature! I’ll be whizzing about on both of my bikes with boyfriend and my family from here on out!


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