Healthy Habits – Week 3

Okay, so this week life has gotten in the way of my health and fitness, so much so that I’ve barely even had time to do a food shop! So this week, I’ve had a terrible blip in the healthy habits progress! Never mind, lets move forwards and aim to do this weeks aims to the best of my ability!

I didn’t achieve either of the two healthy habits, I have however, had very little in the way of Diet Coke this week, so at least that is something. And I’ve been drinking more water and only one cup of tea most of the days so I’ve been cutting down on my sugar intake in that sense!

For this upcoming week, I am challenging myself to

1. Drink more water – I am terrible at drinking water. I normally either have a cuppa or some juice when I am thirsty but this week I am going to carry a bottle around with me to encourage me to drink more water.

2. Go for a walk once per day – I usually spend my days stationary at my desk essay writing unless I make myself go for a run so this week I am going to get myself out into the fresh air more often!

Are you changing you’re habits to slowly improve you’re health?


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