Duddo Stone Circle

I’ve always said that if you want to be a true traveller, you have to travel you’re own country too. There is nothing I love more than a ‘staycation’ or a random day trip to explore Britain. Some of my favourite holidays and my favourite memories come from trips away in Scotland and the rest of the UK and I encourage each and everyone of you to explore the UK too.


Boyfriend took me on a mini road trip a couple of weeks ago to Duddo Stone circle as I keep asking him to come to Stone Henge with me on a wee holiday but this is the best we could manage at the moment. I had no idea this little gem existed and considering the stone circle is surrounded by flat farm land, the stones are even more impressive!


According to the information board, the stones are over 4000 years old and they’re still standing! The wind and rain erosion gives the stones a cool effect that almost makes the stones resemble coral. There is one stone missing which wasn’t recovered from the excavation but you get a sense that the moments you spend there are so small in comparison to all that the stones have gone through. It really is humbling!


I am so glad boyfriend took me to see the stone circle because I wouldn’t have known the existed otherwise! As I said earlier, there are some great places hidden across Britain and I aim to see as many of them as is possible throughout my life time!


Where is your favourite place in Britain or your home country? Any recommendations for our next road trip?


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