Healthy Habits

Im back to the healthy habits way of life, seeing as my life is now in full swing! It turns out that balancing full time work with a healthy lifestyle is quite hard but I’m trying my best and I shall keep pushing on! 

My aims for the upcoming week are: 

1. To drink more water – since starting work, I seem to have forgotten about keeping myself hydrated so I definitely need to work on that in the upcoming week. 

2. Reach my step goal everyday – I’ve had my Garmin Vivofit for about a year now and I honestly don’t know how I went without it! I’m addicted to beating my step goal and winning my weekly challenge but until last week, I’d neglected my step count due to coursework and exams. However, after that small blip, I’ve been doing well at meeting the target and I want to keep this up. 

3. Healthy Lunches – a lot of the ladies and gents at my work eat meal deals on their lunch break and so far I have resisted. I want to continue to eat well at lunch times in the next week, although the odd sweet treat at a lunch time certainly won’t do me too much harm! 

What have you guys been doing to improve your health and fitness since my hiatus? Let me know what your ultimate health and fitness goals are as well! See you next week for another update. 


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