Weekend Exploration 

Despite my boyfriend working all weekend, I decided to go adventuring in the area around about his house on Saturday. There is nothing more in the world that I love than being surrounded by nature, so I headed out for a walk around Paxton House to find a spot to sit and read for a wee while. 

Summer to me means getting outside to read for hours on end and that’s how I decided to spend my Saturday morning. The only thing I find to be the downside of reading outside is that the view is incredibly distractions, which it certainly was at Paxton House! 

I ended up spending more time being in awe of the view rather than focusing on the book I was reading. The little rowing boat made the view even more beautiful. 

Anyway, the moral of the post is that I love being out on adventures whether it’s with people or on my lonesome! Don’t forget to take your wellies when you go adventuring! 

There is genuinely nothing more fun than being in the countryside having a wonder about and seeing what you can discover. Who else agrees? 


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