More Facts About Me

When this is posted, I shall be on a flight to Los Angeles for the starting point of my 2015 adventure with my boyfriend. As I’m off on holiday, I thought I would let you know a little bit more about myself because I don’t really let much of “me” through on my blog! So here are 10 more facts about me:

1. My favourite animal is a giraffe. I have no reason for this but I love giraffes. I have a large collection of giraffe toys,even my hot water bottle is a giraffe. My dream is to go on a safari to see a giraffe in it’s natural habitat.

2. My boyfriend and I have been going out for 3 years. All 3 of these years have been long distance as I’m at uni and he works, however, we’re from the same town. We’ve been to Paris and Crete for our last two anniversaries but this year I had exams. We’re hoping to move in together soon and hopefully get a golden retriever puppy before Christmas.

3. I’m a big fan of second hand book stores. I love my local Oxfam book store and I normally end up buying loads of books. Cheaper than Waterstones and Amazon with all the money going to charity. What’s not to love?

4. I love Marvel films but I can decide whether Thor or Captain America is my favourite. The one Marvel film I wasn’t keen on was Guardian of the Galaxy and Wolverine will forever hold a special place in my heart.

5. I am a rather anti social person. I prefer books to people and I’m not a huge fan of alcohol. I have a small group of friends and I struggled to make good friends at uni. However, I did make one very good friend.

6. My hair is an unusual shade of ginger and it naturally changes colour throughout the year. When I was little it practically went blonde in the summer but not so much anymore.

7. I always have a book with me no matter where I am going. I love to read as I am travelling or in breaks between lectures and I’ve even read when at a cricket match with my family. Reading is my favourite part of the day.

8. I’ve always wanted to walk on the Great Wall of China. There are many, many places I want to see and visit (including Paris which I did in 2012, and San Francisco which I will be seeing in 14 days) but China has always been high on my list. I also want to trek the Inca Trail because I am obsessed with all things Latin American.

9. I’m a country girl. I cannot stand being in a city for long periods of time. I like fresh air and hills and cycles going through beautiful scenery and you just cannot get that when living in a city. I cannot see myself living anywhere but the country no matter where I end up.

10. I wrote my university dissertation on male domestic abuse and homosexual domestic abuse because they exist and are ignored throughout society and academia. I hate gender stereotypes  and to believe that domestic abuse only happens against female in heterosexual relationships is ignorance. It makes me so angry!

Let me know a random fact about you, my lovely followers and I shall be sure to let you know about my holiday adventures once I am back from America! Happy Summer!


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