My Avon Favourites

I think it is safe to say that I have well and truly fallen back in love with Avon skincare. I went through a stage where everything I bought was Avon and then I strayed away for quite a while. Recently I’ve been buying a few bits and bobs from Avon again and I’ve discovered a few gems that have sorted nicely into my skincare routine, so I thought I would share them with you lovely people.

What I’ve been loving recently is the Avon ClearSkin range which I’ve been using to help tackle and control the never ending spots that are plaguing my face at the moment. Because of the price, I went out on a whim last month and bought both the ClearSkin pore minimising face mask and the ClearSkin pore minimising facial cleanser. And I can honestly say that since I’ve began using them both (the cleanser once daily and the face mask once a week to once every 10 days) my skin has been so much softer and I’ve become less prone to breakouts! 

My favourite out of the two has to be the cleanser, probably as it’s the one I use the most often so it’s made the most notable difference. As I said above, ive been using the cleanser once per day, either as part of my shower routine at the end of the day or as I take my make up off before heading to bed if I’m not showering at night. My skin feels so soft as soon as I’ve used it, it’s better than anything I’ve tried before as most cleansers and face washes leave my skin feeling a little tight. I would highly recommend the cleanser to anyone who is prone to breakouts or like myself, feels that ‘normal’ face washes are not doing their job! I think I paid less than £3 for the cleanser so it’s not bank breaking money but it’s certainly a bargain. I will definitely be buying the cleanser again when I start to get low! 

I’ve only used the ClearSkin pore minimising face mask a couple of times since I purchased it but I have been loving it too. As with the cleanser, I found that it left my skin incredibly soft which is what I look for from a face mask. Although it does take a little longer to dry than some of the face masks I’ve used in the past (it took around about 10-15 minutes depending on how much I put on), you can see the mask drying on your face and the more ‘problematic’ areas of your face are noticeable too. I’ve barely used any of the face mask from the few times I’ve tried it, so for around about £3, I would definitely consider it a bargain and I am so glad I bought it! 

One of the most noticeable differences since I started using the range has been that my make up has had more staying power than previously. Not only this but my foundation seems to sit a lot better on my face, as in my skin appears a lot smoother than it had previously. I’ve had numerous comments about my skin since I started using the range, which is always the sign of a good beauty product! 


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