Wedding Day Shenanigans 

Last weekend, I spent the day surrounded by friends celebrating the marriage of Matt and Becky. The ceremony was beautiful and the whole day was great, filled with laughter, dancing and drink. 

Becky’s dress was absolutely gorgeous! The reaction of Matt when he saw Becky walking down the aisle was lovely. The ceremony was very relaxed, with lots of songs and some bible readings. 


Rory was one of the Groomsmen, so I headed to lunch with all of his friends after the ceremony as he was going to the wedding dinner. We had a great laugh and amazing food, we ended up in the beer garden playing games and drinking for the majority of the afternoon! 

The party at night was great, Matt and Becky’s first dance was How long will I love you by Ellie Goulding. I spent the majority of the night dancing with Rory and his friends as the whole night was a ceilidh. There is nothing quite as fun as ceilidh dancing, I’ve no idea what a wedding would be without it! 

After Matt and Becky left, we headed out for a night of clubbing before crashing at our friend Ailsa’s house. It was such a good day and one that I won’t forget for a long time to come. Although it’s still strange to think that we are at the age where friends are starting to get engaged and married! 

Congratulations Matt and Becky! 



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