All I Know Now – Carrie Hope Fletcher //Book Review

I will be completely honest here and say that the sole reason I bought All I Know Now is because I love Carrie’s YouTube videos. The book in itself didn’t really appeal to me or my reading tastes but I decided to pre-order it and give it a fair go (plus, it’s super pretty so it certainly wouldn’t harm the look of my shelves if it sucked).

I dived straight into the book as soon as it arrived through my door and before I knew what was happening, All I Know Now was accompanying me everywhere, which I never do with a hardback book. Written in the same style as Carrie’s blog but also in the same friendly manner of her YouTube videos, I absolutely loved the way that the book was written. It is so different to any non-fiction writing I’ve encountered before, that is, I was greeted from the very beginning of this book by a friend. This friend told me stories from her life and used them to teach me (and all other readers) how to not make these same errors but also that if we do, that’s okay cause you learn from them.

In her first book, Carrie encourages everyone to love themselves, be nice to those who surround them and to embrace everything that is thrown in their paths. For me, this is a wonderful message to promote for everyone and one that I believe everyone with influence should stand for and defend whilst in the spotlight.

4 out of 5 stars


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