Healthy Habits – Post Holiday Edition

So guys, as you all know, I’ve been in America for the past two weeks so it’s only fair to explain that I’ve been eating like crap and drinking quite a bit! However, I am on a mission to get back into the swing of things and truly improve the way I am living life. Mainly so that I can continue having unhealthy holidays for a very long time to come! 

Whilst in America, although I was eating badly and doing a bus tour, there was not a day where I did not reach at least 10,000 steps (the majority of days were into the 20,000s) and we also went for a few cycle rides of at least 10 miles so I wasn’t a complete write off! 

For the upcoming week, I’m going to set myself 5 goals to try and get myself back into the swing of this whole healthy living thing. As usual, they shouldn’t be terribly hard but they will work towards improving my health and fitness 

1. Drink one litre of water per day – I actually got into doing this whilst we were away as it was so hot you had to keep hydrated. 

2. Cycle to work at least twice this week – not only does this benefit my fitness but it also reduces the amount of money I’ll be spending on commuting which is always a plus! 

3. Go to the gym – I’m not a huge gym bunny, I prefer the outdoors but I want to visit the gym this week to see if I fancy joining 

4. Eat healthy lunches – being back at home (my parents) I have very little control over dinners so I’m aiming to make my lunches healthier to combat it and slowly influence what we all have for dinner 

5. Re-establish my skin care routine – I’m not sure where this truly fits in but I was so slack with my beauty routine on holiday that I am horrendously spotty so I am aiming to get my routine sorted out again now that I am home! 

Let me know how you like to boost your health and fitness once you’ve had a break from your routine! 


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