Healthy Habits

Hello again!

I’ve no idea where this week has gone but it’s flown past and I feel like I’ve done quite well in the way of my healthy habits! I will admit that I have overindulged today, however, we’re all allowed a cheat day every now and again aren’t we? For the sake of this series of posts, I should tell you all that I gained half a stone whilst I was away on holiday so I’ve definitely got some ass whooping to do in order to get my weight back to normal!

For the past week, I have been pretty good at hitting my targets so without further ado here’s how I’ve faired:

1. Drink one litre of water a day – I’ve maybe achieved drinking more water than I would normally as I’ve had a bottle of water beside me at work, however, I’m not sure I’ve been drinking one litre everyday.

2. Cycle into work at least twice – I’ve done this more than twice (each journey is 7.1 miles, so it’s 14 miles a day) and I’ve also been for a couple of cycles after work as well. I am loving cycling into work, it’s saving me money and helping me with my fitness!

3. Go to the gym – I’ve done this twice since I last wrote a post, and I’ve been encouraging my sister to come with me for moral support. I figured that if I encourage my sister to come with me, it will make me less likely to cancel on her before we go. I’d much rather be exercising outside but I really want to try out weights before I think about buying some and I may join a fitness class.

4. Eat healthy lunches – I’ve managed this to an extent, I’ve been eating more fruit and the variety of what I’ve been eating has improved greatly, however I am still relying on sandwiches and bagels for lunch. I want to move away from that sort of lunch.

5. Skin care – I’ve been doing better with this! I’ve been removing my make up before bed and I’ve been applying it right before work. I’ve been trying out a few new products (my love of Avon has been re-established) so expect some reviews soon!

So with all of this in mind, I’m going to set myself three challenges to keep me progressing with my healthy habits.

1. I want to continue with drinking one litre of water a day because I think that hydration is important. Especially important when doing exercise, so I’m going to keep this going this week.

2. Ab exercises – I do a lot of cardio and a lot of my exercise focuses on my legs so this week I am aiming to squeeze is a couple of ab exercises across the week. I hate ab workouts but I am seeing the longterm gain over the short term pain!

3. Eat a greater variation – as I stated above, I don’t really eat a big variety of food throughout my days, so I want to start by making my lunches a bit more adventurous and steering away from my normal sandwiches or beans and a bagel for lunch!

Hope you’re healthy habits are going well and unlike myself, you’re not going backwards in your fitness progress!

See you next week!


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