Find Your Fitness

We’re all told that we are a nation of obese people and that we’re getting fatter every passing year. Because of this, we’re bombarded with health advice and fitness advice until we’re fed up of all of the campaigns and we go back to our merry little ways and ignore the government again. I for one, do think that fitness is important (as is your health) but the way that the government, media and magazines campaign about it makes fitness and exercise sound scary. The way that it is portrayed sounds to me like we should all be out running for an hour every night or we’re going to end up with diabetes.

I’ve decided that we need to make a change about this. Rather than telling everyone that they need to do so many hours of exercise per week, why don’t we ask them to be a little more active than now? If you’re a sofa sloth by nature (because who doesn’t love a night of movie watching or reading for hours on end?), why not spend a half hour this week going for a walk with a family member or a friend? If you want to go for a run, by all means, go for a run. Surely doing a little more exercise than normal and increasing it slowly is more beneficial as you’re less likely to give up?

I am also an ambassador for trying out lots of different sports and exercises until you find the best one for you. I would never have fallen in love with cycling if it weren’t for Rory and for that I am forever thankful to him. Go out and try some different things, the gym might not be for you, yoga might be the way forward. A class once a week might be the only way you can fit exercise into your routine regularly or you might love going out for a run every night. You might rediscover you’re love for hockey, cricket or football or you might discover dancing is something you should have tried out earlier in your life.

Let me know what type of exercise you love and how you got into it!


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