Ten Things That Make Me Happy

We all have those days where we just feel sad and a little gloomy and it feels like nothing will ever make us smile that day. I admit, this is rare for me as I like to keep myself up beat and motivates but I do get down in the dumps every now and again (today is one of these days). I’ve found a few tricks over the years that make those days a little less gloomy and never fail to put a smile on my face. 

So, I thought I would share my tricks with you and you lovely people can share your happiness tricks with me. Here are my top ten ‘instant smile’ tricks for chasing the blues away! 
Looking at old photos – I am a photo and scrapbook fanatic, and there is nothing more fun for me than looking through old photos and laughing at the silly and fun memories they bring back. 

Animal videos on YouTube – is there anything cuter than a baby animal? How could that not put a smile on your face and make your day brighter? 

Listening to my favourite song – and singing along loudly and very out of tune. Nothing blasts the blues away than belting out Carrie Underwood songs with all my heart! 

Thinking about the future – I always find myself daydreaming about the future whenever I feel a little down. I like the thought of getting married and having kids and growing old with my family and friends around me. It always makes me smile. 

Phone calls to my loved ones – I always phone my boyfriend, sister or dad whenever I am feeling down because they always know what to do to cheer me up. Before I know it, I will be laughing hysterically down the phone and have a new outlook on life and the day at hand. 

A mug of hot chocolate – I love to treat myself to a hot chocolate (normally a home made Whittards hot choc in my favourite mug) and curl up on the sofa with a good book. For me, a hot chocolate is for times when a cup of tea won’t quite fix all of the days problems. 

An early bed – this goes hand in hand with the above point. I will normally have a little pamper (normally a bath), followed by a hot chocolate and then hop straight into bed. It make not fix anything in the moment but there is no nicer feeling than being clean after a pamper and crawling into bed. Plus, everything normally feels better in the morning with a good nights sleep 

Watch the Saccone-Jolys – to anyone who doesn’t know, the Saccone Jolys are an Irish family with the cutest kids ever. If watching 15 minutes of Emilia and Eduardo doesn’t make you smile, I will eat my own hat! 

Bake – baking makes me happy. I may not be the best but it certainly makes me feel good about myself. I produce a cake/brownies/whatever from scratch, why shouldn’t I feel proud? 

Have a good cry – when life gets a little too much for me (which it does), I love having a good old cry about everything that I think is wrong. It makes me feel refreshed and ready to take another stab at whatever was getting me down. Not only that but crying makes me feel less stressed. I know people who never cry but I think that crying is good for your mental health and is something that we shouldn’t be embarrassed about. 

Do you agree with any of my happy tips? There are plenty more stored away in my head but these are the ones that I normally turn to although not always in the order I wrote them in! 


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