Healthy Habits

Apologies for not posting my normal healthy habits post last week, everything seemed to pile up and the next thing I knew it was Saturday! This week however, I’ve time for blog post writing so here it is although it’s a little different to normal!

I’ve focused these posts on improving my health and fitness, whilst I still think these are incredibly important, I want to focus my attention of a different kind of health this next week. Since starting working full time, I’ve realised that mental health is incredibly important and that is something that we, in the United Kingdom tend to ignore. Mental health and particularly mental illness and ignored and normally stigmatised so when someone is diagnosed as mentally ill, we don’t know how to handle it. 

These next few weeks, alongside working on my fitness and health as normal, I will be making time for ‘me time’, where I will prioritise destressing  and relaxing for a wee while each week. I’ve spent all day today sitting beside the river tweed and basking in the sunshine on my day off. Normally on days off, I am a get up and go kind of person where I like to make the most of the little time I have outside of work.

 Spending time relaxing is just as important as exercising, keeping your mind healthy and strong is just as important as keeping your body healthy and strong. Remember to take time to relax and destress this week, be it a pamper night, watching a film, playing with a four legged friend or picking up your book for an hour! 


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