Book Buying Ban? 

My tbr pile has gotten out of hand and this is not something that has happened suddenly either. I have over 200 books on my Goodreads tbr list and that’s not even them all. I really want to cut this down over the next wee while (150 books by the end of 2016) but a book buying ban is not a reasonable thing for me to do. 

Instead of banning myself from buying books completely, I’ve set myself the challenge of only buying a new book when I’ve read two books from my tbr pile. To add a little more of a challenge to it, I’ve decided that for each of the two books I’ve to read before I can buy a new one, I need to read a newish book and also one that has been on my shelf for a while. Goodreads is great for this because you can see the date you added each book to the list so I can pick books I’ve had on there for ages at random and plough though them. 

I might still place myself on the odd book buying ban months to try to get the pile down a little quicker. In the past, book buying bans haven’t worked for me because I normally preorder books and forget when they’re due to arrive. Book boxes arrive at my door at random which is always lovely! 

How many of you guys have this problem? Have you tried a book buying ban and did it work for you, or would my challenge be more appropriate for your book buying habits? 


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