Healthy Habits

Why hello, and long time no see (which is entirely my own fault and cannot be excused!) I’ve been working hard with my health and fitness, I’ve just not been keeping you guys up to date and encouraging you all to keep up you’re healthy habits, which is unforgiveable.

This week is just a little catch up, I’ll post a normal post again next week and I shall try to keep it regular from here on out. Finding the work/life/blogging balance has been difficult but I’m determined to not let my blog suffer anymore! I’m trying to make my days as productive as possible and to not waste a second of my non-working hours which I think is a very important healthy habit. Getting stuck in a rut can be unhealthy for your mental health even if it’s benefical to your physical health.

So what’s been happening? I’ve gotten exceptionally into biking again, I’ve been increading the distance and the frequency of my cycles, but I need to get back out on the mountain bike again soon. I would also like to start running again but the council are making that increasingly hard so I’m gonna give that one a miss for a little longer. I’ve lost fat and gained muscle since the half a stone I put on whilst on holiday in the US. I actually weigh the same but I’ve lost my belly and my love handles are slowly disappearing too! I’ve become fully addicted to diet coke again which I am going to have to tackle again soon, and I’ve began drinking too much tea again! I have however kept up with eating well generally, even boyfriend and I have stopped eating out as much!

Have any of you guys and gals got any tips you want to share? I’m thinking about going veggie, but I need recipe idea help so send anything you have my way please! Hope you’re all doing well and that those healthy habits are working!


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