Hello there! 

I feel like all the posts I’ve written recently have been apologising for my absence so I took a hiatus to decide whether or not I wanted to continue blogging and what sort of blogger I want to be. I’ve finally decided that I do want to continue to blog, but I want to go back to basics. 

When I started this blog, it was to document all of the books I read and it was something I was passionate about, but as I started adding in more bits and bobs I felt more and more pressure to blog about things I am not truly passionate about. I’m not a beauty blogger but I was trying to be. I should stick to books and the occasional fitness post because I found those really motivational. 

So I’m sticking to my guns from now on and I’m going back to being a book blogger. I’ll post a review whenever I finish a book, you’ll get haul posts and there will be random book related posts in between. 
See you soon! 


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