Reading Slump

Do you ever find yourself in a reading slump you just cannot get out of? Well, I’m in one of those just now and I’ve done the best thing I possibly could. I’ve taken a break from reading and I’ve picked up a new hobby: crocheting. 

I’ve become somewhat obsessed with crocheting, much in the same manner as I become obsessed with a book series or a new tv programme and I am loving it. So instead of picking up my book at night, I’ve been picking up my hook and wool and producing something from nothing, and it’s worked wonders. Now that I’ve finished my cushion cover project, I’m excited to start on a new project but I am also happy to be picking up a book again. 

Don’t feel bad for being in a reading slump and don’t be afraid to take a step back from reading every once in a while, it really does make you love books even more!  


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