My top 10 favourite Films

I did my top ten favourite books a while back and I will admit my attitude towards films. I don’t have an all time favourite film, it depends on the mood I am in at the time. However, I thought I would share the movies I tend to watch the most often,  which I suppose you could say are my “favourites”.

1. Inglorious Basterds. I absolutely love this film, it has two of my favourite actors in it (Daniel Bruhl and Christoph Waltz) so that instantly makes it a favourite. And I have a weird love of films in foreign languages! 

2. Pan’s Labyrinth. I may as well stick to my love of foreign films by talking about Pan’s Labyrinth. The imagination that went into the storyline is what will forever makes this one of my all time favourite films. 

3. Mary Poppins. One of my childhood favourites that remains one of my most watched films! Doesn’t everyone want Mary Poppins as an acquaintance? I still want her as my nanny! 

4. Les Miserables. Who doesn’t love a musical? I love musicals! And for me it does not get any better than Les Mis! I literally cannot stop singing the songs for at least a week afterwards. Can you hear the people sing? 

5.  Inside Out. I went to see this with my other half and I was mind blown when I walked out of the cinema. This may well be a kids film but the ideas in Inside Out resonate with every adult that sees the film. It is a perfect understanding of how humans work. 

6. Matilda. I can quote Matilda from start to finish I have watched it so many times. This used to get put into the tape player, played and rewound and then played again. I loved this film when I was little and I still love watching it to this day. It will never get old! 

7. Marvel. I don’t know if I can chose a favourite film from the Marvel lot, I love Thor and Captain America but the iron man films and the avengers films are absolutely brilliant. Yes, I am a marvel geek. 

8. The Hunger Games series. Yes I am cheating here, this is more than one film. I will say that I am not a fan of the first hunger games film, but catching fire and mocking jay part one were brilliant and I cannot wait for the fourth one to come out later this month! 

9. Brassed Off. This beautiful film was introduced to me by my other half because of his love for brass band music and I fell in love with it too. The music is beautiful but there is so much more to it than that, it’s the story of the miners and the closing of the British mines during Thatchers reign. 

10. Sweet Home Alabama. I’m not a huge chick flick fab overall but this is my favourite of them all. Reese Witherspoon is such a good actress, and Patrick Dempsey makes this even better.
What are your favourites films? I would love some recommendations!  .


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