Fitness Saturday

Hello there peepz!  

I’ve decided to get back into my health kick after being very unhealthy for a very long time so I’m starting to blog about it again in the hopes that it encourages me to keep it up! 

This week I wanted to work on getting back into fitness so I challenged myself to do a work out three days in the week. I started off doing one of the workout videos on Anna SacconeJoly’s YouTube video and it was a lot harder than I thought! 

Next week, I’m aiming to increase my water in take alongside maintaining the fitness. Hopefully in the next week or two, I will rediscover my love for running and I can get back out on the road. I hate running in the dark, which is what is putting me off!

What do you guys do to keep you motivated? I could really do with your help! 


One thought on “Fitness Saturday

  1. JoshDouce says:

    Hi, great to hear you have embarked on your fitness journey! I hope you get the results you desire. If you want we can support eachother, check out my blog at Oh and to keep me motivated I find setting yourself small goals and the re-setting them when you reach them helps you focus on the end result!

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